Friday, July 18, 2003

The following may be taken out of context and generally would require an explanation. No time for that.

From Sat night:

Eric (reading from Maxim): What's the largest penis you've ever touched?
Shelley (with Jon): I don't know, let me whip out my measuring tape.

He bit me on the bottom of my foot. -- Sarah

In reference to Jagermeister: I have no idea b/c I've never been that sick b/c I drink like a girl -- Jon

Screw you--no wait--NOT screw you -- Sarah

My beer's getting cold--errr--warm -- Jon

To Jon: You're NOT getting fucked tonight, sorry babe. -- Shelley

Shelley: This is what we normally do to other people.
Sarah: I know! I feel bad for them

I have to burp cause this is carbonated you know -- Jon

I hear Bubbles -- Jon

Eric: I'd never do that but it's tight
Michael: Eat pussy or get a tattoo (somehow related?)

Shelley to sarah: You know, you get a lot more hostile when your drunk

Shelley: I'd like to be functional when I leave (tonight)
Jon: Yeah!

We are going to lose twice tonight. What they don't know is they're going to lose tonight also. -- Sarah
I am going to the bathroom, then -- michael

well his brain won't be fucking....
yeah nothing else will either -- sarah

Shelley, i accidentally poured beer on michael -- sarah

hey, i have beer on my crotch -- michael