Thursday, August 28, 2003

Wedding craziness

Things are heating up a bit in the wedding department. Sarah is doing an amazing job of holding onto her mind through the whole thing. We're getting down a pretty good system of establishing daily to-do's. Things are coming together. I hope to see most of you there!

Bachelor party is set for Sunday - head on over to my dad's house that night if you're interested. It should be a good time with casino and bar games w/plenty of essential booze. If you're somehow reading this, chances are you're probably invited. Call me for directions.

I think i finally have a grip on the website now. I've hammered out most of the quirky little artifacts that each browser does to my pages. I've finally got inline-blog-pics working well (i think). Now i'm trying to clean up the code a bit, modularize it and add new content. my goal is to have a website that is worth existing. It'd be nice to have a practical reason for having this thing (todo, info, etc.).

Take care

btw: the picture shows a new dance that sarah created: The "Happy Waterfall Dance".