Monday, December 8, 2003

2 down, 2 to go.

Finals generally follow a predictable pattern. Most finals I've taken are slightly more difficult than any practice problems you studied and always contain at least one surprise question. This required question just makes you raise an eyebrow, tilt your head sideways (picture it) and go "hmmp" as you realize that the question is based on a very small detail that was discussed for a very short amount of time and didn't seem to earn itself 17% of the final.

For a history test, things could go like this:
Q1, 20 points: Describe in detail everything that ever happened. Use dates and names.
Q2, 20 points: What was Thomas Jefferson's wife's middle name?
Q3, .....

This happens on multiple choice tests, too:
Q1, 5 points: Which wavelength has the highest energy?
>A. 450nm
>B. 500nm
>C. 750nm

Q2, 5 points: 2 aliens visit from Mars. Unlike, humans, their DNA consists....2 paragraphsdraw charts, and solve a 5x5 matrix using Gaussen elimination to find the most likely alien chromosome containing a mutation.
>A. 1 or 2
>B. 3 or 4
>C. 5 or 6

now those questions aren't even close to the same amount of work. I got too tired making up the question to even think about solving it. I think Q1 is A, 450nm, btw.

I think you get the idea. Anyway, off to my CIS 670 final.