Sunday, December 12, 2004

Things that are green

Movie reviews by Sarah

-The Incredibles
Wow was this movie awesome! Seriously, you have to see it - nonstop funniness. The short film at the beginning is also amazing. Well worth the seven bucks you have to pay to see it - and that's high honor coming from a poor college student like myself.

-Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
I realize that this movie is well over ten years old, but I saw it for the first time tonight. Huh-lar-eee-ous. The best part of the movie, by far, was baby splinter mimicking his master's kung-fu. If you haven't seen this one, check it out. Two thumbs (way) up.

Another good one. This movie was leaps and bounds below Zoolander, but funny nonetheless - there were definitely laugh out loud moments (read, the S&M uniform scene). Glad I didn't see it in the theatre, but worth the rental fee.

This may be my new favorite holiday movie, beating out both The Grinch and A Christmas Story. Ok, maybe tied with A Christmas Story. My favorite lines in the movie:
"Hey, I've got good news. I saw a dog today."
"I'm singing...I'm in a store, and I'm singing"
"He's an angry elf"
*whispering* "I like to whisper too"

That's all for now - with school this quarter I haven't had a ton of time to see movies...Can't wait til June!!!

-Sarah "What's your favorite color" Haren

Friday, November 12, 2004


I just got out of "The Incredibles". It was awesome. This is definately the best movie I have seen in the last year or more. More to come later (it's late now!).

Monday, November 8, 2004


Sarah and I just got a digicam! Couple that with a recent slashdot story about photo-blogging, and I have new inspiration. I'm not really much into photography but i do like pictures so I'm going to jump on the bandwagon and start photoblogging. I'm not sure if i can commit to a new picture every day...if I did that, there'd be a lot of terrible pictures, or just lots of pictures of my hampster. I've got a new idea as to how to display the pictures, too, so when I get a chance, I'll do some coding and see how it goes.

Hopefully I can get something going here soon...

For reference, here's a pretty neat photoblogger. He has some awesome pictures. And the original slashdot story, which has lots of links to other photo sites.

Feel free to submit your own photos, too!

To get me started on pictures while i think about the code, I'm going to take a stab at this: 26 Things. They give you a list of 26 things to take pictures of for a gallery. It seems pretty neat. I'll be posting my pictures as they happen...

The list:

  1. frame
  2. glass
  3. arrow
  4. numbers
  5. small - geronimo 2004/11/09
  6. open
  7. fruit
  8. wheel
  9. plastic
  10. cover
  11. natural
  12. saturday
  13. multi-coloured
  14. home
  15. shadow
  16. sticky
  17. clean
  18. foot
  19. sport
  20. round
  21. group
  22. man made
  23. half
  24. path
  25. full
  26. the end

Tuesday, October 5, 2004

g man

Sarah and I have had a hamster now for awhile. His name is Geronimo but his friends call him G-Man.

You haven't seen him up here until now because we just got a digicam! I'd show you pictures of the digicam, but...we don't have two of them.

Friday, September 10, 2004

yeah, yeah

I know, i know, been a while. I've been busy. I've been working at RoviSys for the summer. They do control systems and software. Particularly, I've been working in their software division on 'GrandView'. It's a pretty cool project management app.

I learned dotnet (microsoft) this summer, too. I hate to admit it but I'm pretty impressed. I had primarily developed web apps in php in the past but as it turns out using asp/.net is pretty neat. I know that php and asp/.net aren't totally intended to compete but nonetheless, asp/.net is cool and provideds for easy, rapid web app development. It's mostly object based, too. I'm not hyping oop but i'd say that asp/.net uses oop very effectively, without drowning you.

I'm headed back to OSU for my senior year in 2 wks. Sarah and I will be graduating in spring, it's all pretty exciting. Before then, however, we've got some good times to enjoy during the next three quarters, so stay tuned.

movies and the moviewatchers who watch them

Not much time for a complete review here but we can do some basics:

25th Hour - I though this was a pretty good flick. It's a little slow and not for the ladies but it's definately worth it.

Anchor Man - Holy crap did this movie suck. I was so completely disappointed by this film. Wow. Awful! I love comedy, really, but this was just stupid.

Spider Man 2 - Good. Fortunately, I'm not a diehard comic book fan. Actually I never read any comic books so I'm not really any kind of fan. As a result, the enourmous deviations from the comics (i'm told) don't much bother me--especially since it takes someone else's yacking for me to even know about them. Here's a random thought-- maybe the spiderman movies will end up like the star trek movies. Now to be fair, I never watched the star trek movies, but I can't remember a time without them and they keep coming out. This summer, "Star Trek CXXVII: Extrasolar-Apocolypse-Voyager-ship-stopper-thingy-tragedy-again-averted-by-a-weird-ship." I hope not. So far, so good.

Ella Enchanted - Yeah I admit it, i saw this disney flick. Keep in mind though that i'm married and sometimes, just sometimes (read: a-lot-of-the-time :)), you see movies that make you cry. Not because the movie hits an emotional chord, just because it is so painfully foreign to what you'd normally consider entertainment that physical pain actually overwhelms you. Ok, ok maybe I'm being a little too dramatic. The movie was cool for kids < 5. Since I'm not < 5, I didn't like it. I can't believe I saw it. I can't believe I just wrote all this crap about it and admit to seeing it. oh well.

Shattered Glass - I liked this. It was a neat story and really very ridiculous. Oh, except for the thing about it actually being a true story. That always gets you- how does it go...Non-fiction is scarier than fiction because it's real...something like that. Not a bad film. Whoever played the lead did pretty good, too. I figure since I'm an expert on such things, I would know.

I don't really remember seeing any other movies lately. Take care and feel free to send me your reviews. Maybe I'll add comment-abilites to this thing. That'd be a fair amount of code though so it's unlikely to happen ;)...

Sunday, July 18, 2004

workin' in a coal supply company

since michael hasn't updated ya'll in a while, i thought i would take it upon myself to fill you in on what's going on in good old kent/akron/aurora.
michael, like he said before, is at a computer company. he does computer stuff that i don't really understand, and has done some major revamping of one of the company websites (yay michael!).
i found a job through a temp agency with an electrical supply company in akron as a secretary. what is an electrical supply company, you may ask. well, we are the middle-middle-middle man. as far as i can tell, this is how it goes: the manufacturer makes a product (for instance, a lightbulb). they sell it to a company who then sells it to us (yay!) we then sell the product to our customer, a contractor, who turns around and sells it to their customer. cutting out the middle man in this chain would take a lot of work :P.
on a more exciting note, it's almost my birthday, which means.....I'M ALMOST 21!!! YAY!!!'
2 weeks after my birthday, shelley turns 21! yay!!! :)
in other news, geronimo (hamster, see previous update) is doing well. he tries to escape nightly, but michael and i have thus far been able to foil his plans. he loves cheerios, and can eat up to 6 in one sitting (pretty impressive for an animal who is about the size of a donut hole). we will get pics up soon, hopefully.
i hope everyone is doing well! talk to you all soon!

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Movin' on up..

New address for the summer:
1185 Rose Court
Kent, OH 44240

There'll still be people around at my usual address but for anything directly to sarah or myself, use the kent address.

Monday, June 7, 2004

Busy times

Yeah yeah, i know - it's been a long time since the last update. I've been busy, ok?

Sarah and I got a hamster. He goes by Geronimo. He like to read scifi play poker. I'll get some pics of him sometime...since i don't have a camera it might be a while :). This little guy is spoiled. We don't have any kids and fish are dumb so now that we have something to take care of, we go a little overboard. For example, after the first week we took Geronimo back to the pet store because he was scratching constantly. They said we could exchange which we responed with horrified expressions, "WHAT!?!?". You can't just trade out a family member. Sheesh. I know...this is dumb and we're pathetic. Oh well.

I got an email from John Lannan yesterday. He's doing great. He had to postpone his wedding though as he's heading back to Ira--err, he's heading to some unnamed country in the middle east to fight for Operation Iraqi Freedom. Feel free to drop him a line-- he'd love to hear from you:
[email protected]
SrA Lannan Johnathon T.
APO AE 09853-5000

In other news, Chris graduated from HS on Sunday. Congrats! He had a poker tourney on Saturday which was cool. He did pretty well, placing 8(?) out of about 22. I managed to make it to the final table, too. It was a great night. I'm hoping to get a game together soon, before I move up to Aurora.

Speaking of which...I move to Aurora for the summer next week. I've got a job wth Rovisys which sounds exciting. Sarah and I will be staying in the cheapest (read smallest) apartment we could find.

I had a final on Friday. I aced it. Unfortunately, the entire class Aced it because it was a joke final. No seriously- the professor isn't returning to OSU next quarter and he didn't want to grade a final so he gave us an easy test. Actually, that doesn't quite cover it. The question was related to the course but its difficulty was similar to a spanish test asking, "What foreign language have we been studying all quarter?" (multiple choice!). In reflection, I think this is the kind of test that graduating seniors used to receive when they had to take finals early. I bet it was like an understood agreement that people never speak of.

I've got three finals tomorrow, after which point I will extremely happy. But until study study!

Monday, April 12, 2004

Movie Madness

Boy oh boy it's been a while since the last update. I'll have NC vacation photos up soon but until then I have some great movie reviews. First: Hellboy. Wow this movie sucked. The CG and the action was cool. The premise was great - a demon child raised for good - but once the story hit the screen they let it all slide. THe plot was thin and spotty and the actors never seemed to get anything going. I will say that I liked the constant comedy. It reminds me of the old days with movies like Lethal Weapon or Die Hard - lots of stupid jokes. I like the stupid jokes but it's nice when they come during a good movie and by good movie I mean not hellboy.

When I left the theater the ticket guy was laughing at me...actually he was laughing as I bought the ticket, too but of course I didn't understand until it was too late. Dammit.

For my second review of the day: Lost in Translation. Wow, what a load of crap. Let me get my praises off first so I can really get down to it. If you're into artsy stuff with long scenes with little dialog and seeing old people pickup 20-somethings, this movie might be for you. What's that, you say? "He wasn't trying to pick her up!! That's the whole point, you missed the whole artsy part and the underlying meaning, Michael!!" Oh, my bad. In general the comedy was light and limited, the story boring and slow, and the entertainment nonexistent. I intend to beat my $2.50 out of my brothers who encouraged me to see this junk. Bill Murray, seriously man.

Monday, March 15, 2004

finals and winter, what a combination

Finals are heating (lol) up tomorrow. As you might have noticed, I've got a countdown going to the end of Winter Quarter. Special thanks to Dave for the pic. I think it well represents everyone's feelings (everyone that goes to a school that doesn't close for such things like 3 inches of snowfall, that is).

One final realization, now that I'm 21, I am legally allowed to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. Woohoo.

Good luck on finals, everyone, and enjoy break.

Sunday, March 7, 2004

flash back

Oh man, I was spinning around the good ol looking for some information that was recently removed when I stumbled upon something I thought was long lost. Way back in highschool we had this awful principal, Brenda Harvey. Things got so bad that i made a movie about her. Wellll my friends, this is what I recovered, take a look. If memory serves me, Brent Raney did the actual filming and I chopped up his interview, taking things WAY out of context. Please keep in mind that I made this several years ago and as such it consists basically of mild toilet humor. I think i went over the line with the small fart scene. I apologize now. I generally hate that kind of stuff and can't believe I have some of it here.

Additionally, if you don't know any of the recent history of Newark City Schools, you likely won't appreciate the video anyhow. I'd also like to mention that more recently, Harvey has been replaced by a much better principal and Newark Schools are now MUCH improved.

Finals next week aieeeee.

Monday, February 23, 2004

mice are clever little...mice.

Sarah and I each got a remote car starter, keyless entry kit for Christmas from my parents. I finally got around to hooking them up this past weekend. Actually, this was the first warm weekend during which we didn't have to study for exams. All told, the project took about 4 hours/car. It went pretty smoothly. Now Sarah and I can start/stop our cold, icy cars from the comfort of our kitchen :).

The kits we used were by bulldog security. Overall I'd say the install was not too difficult (though time consuming) and the range is ok. They advertised our model as reaching 800 feet. I'd say it can do about 150 feet-- but that's really all we need so no big deal. I find myself now looking forward to bad weather (hot or cold) so I can take full advantage of the remote start. strange, isn't it?

Moving along...

Hindsight is 20-20.
In my previous post I might have jumped the gun with declaring victory over the mice. I have found a couple dead mice throughout the house but only yesterday Shelley was greeted by a furry fiend while searching for something in the pantry. I think i have these little guys figured out now, though. At first i thought they were simply looking for food when they got into our poptarts and oatmeal. But now that they are hitting our canned goods, cereal, potatoes, and fruit snacks, I realize that these rodents are trying to starve us out! They must be hoarding this food somewhere-- they eat, by my estimates, 300lbs of food each day.

I hope the mice get a chance to see this because i want them to know this, and know it well: we won't give up the fight! Speedy Gonzales, Mighty Mouse, Fival, and Stuart cannot save you now.

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

give a man a mouse... err.

So I think we've got the mouse situation under control. We're not really sure what happened. Jon and I only really caught one and there were definately several of them. Maybe they ate all the poison, politely went outside, and buried themselves before they died. That would be ideal.

Anyhow, moving on. This past week I scheduled for classes. Everything I schedule for classes I am faced with the cumbersome task of figuring out when to take what. Since each class is offered a few different times, you have many potential schedules. Every quarter I vow to write a program that will do this for you. Well, my friends, this is the quarter. I've actually written and posted this program. Check it out.

I really, really appreciate any feedback you can provide regarding the program. The number-1 request so far has been to have all the course data already loaded. I'm trying to work something out the the OSU Registrar for this. Until then, unfortunately, you'll have to enter everything! I'm come up with something, really.

Tuesday, February 3, 2004

Superbowl, Superschool, Supermice

Wow. Good game. I can't help but thinking of the Jackson Family History when J. Jackson exposes herself to a pg-rated crowd. And in all the interviews, after they ask her the standard "so you flashed america on network television questions", they always followup with "how's michael doing?". Well, I don't know the guy but I think I could answer that one. Oh man i just deleted a really bad joke. It was really bad. Think of a really bad joke you heard recently that made you laugh so hard you cried. Yep-- it was badder than that. I had to erase to keep things civil.

Man let me tell you, school is something else. School can drive you crazy. I'm looking back at my highschool days and thinking of those people who didn't want to go to college. I didn't understand but man, now I see their point.
Don't get me wrong, though, college is very important and definately worth it (i expect) but it's tough. Unless you're a business major. Just to graduate on time Sarah and Shelley are taking 22 hours next quarter! That's almost double the minimum for full time. They actually had to call to get permission to do this.
Along the same lines, I have 7 class that total 16 credit hours. WTF? So i'm taking a measly 16 hours...which translates to 1/2 dozen classes. I'm confused.
Anyway, to summarize, Shelley and Sarah study all time. I study less than I should but more than I'd like to, and no one has time for video games or movies. Aye!
I also see things on the news like some immigrants sailing accross the ocean in a 50 year old car (see pic) and i remind myself that school is probably my best bet. But again, I wonder. i'm an engineering student and I think, damn, how'd they get that car to sail?

Our house is infested with mice. Now at first, a mouse here and there is ok. Stuart Little needs a home, too, you know. But now the fury fuckers are eating our food and running around our entire house. The landlard (Pella) tells me that having laid out poison bait traps, the mice are now more visible because they are sick. I guess they just want some help, "Hey you! Yeah you! I'm dying and I'll show it by scaring everyone and eating all your food! MUAHAHAHAHA".
Though, this can't be all talk--some of them must be dying-- because there is an AWFUL smell to our house anytime the furnace comes on. Yay. Pella's response to that was "ewwwww, i'll call you back". Still waiting for that call....

To summarize recent events, the superbowl wasn't so super, superschool isn't so super, and supermice eat a lot and smell bad when they die in your walls. And the landlard (pella, doesn't care. But hey! It's sunny outside (and 4F degrees).

Tuesday, January 6, 2004

Hi all! Hope everyone's quarter is going well :) This one's gonna be a busy (and cold!) one. But Michael built me a shelf :) So all is right with the world. Thanks honey :)