Tuesday, February 17, 2004

give a man a mouse... err.

So I think we've got the mouse situation under control. We're not really sure what happened. Jon and I only really caught one and there were definately several of them. Maybe they ate all the poison, politely went outside, and buried themselves before they died. That would be ideal.

Anyhow, moving on. This past week I scheduled for classes. Everything I schedule for classes I am faced with the cumbersome task of figuring out when to take what. Since each class is offered a few different times, you have many potential schedules. Every quarter I vow to write a program that will do this for you. Well, my friends, this is the quarter. I've actually written and posted this program. Check it out.

I really, really appreciate any feedback you can provide regarding the program. The number-1 request so far has been to have all the course data already loaded. I'm trying to work something out the the OSU Registrar for this. Until then, unfortunately, you'll have to enter everything! I'm come up with something, really.