Monday, February 23, 2004

mice are clever little...mice.

Sarah and I each got a remote car starter, keyless entry kit for Christmas from my parents. I finally got around to hooking them up this past weekend. Actually, this was the first warm weekend during which we didn't have to study for exams. All told, the project took about 4 hours/car. It went pretty smoothly. Now Sarah and I can start/stop our cold, icy cars from the comfort of our kitchen :).

The kits we used were by bulldog security. Overall I'd say the install was not too difficult (though time consuming) and the range is ok. They advertised our model as reaching 800 feet. I'd say it can do about 150 feet-- but that's really all we need so no big deal. I find myself now looking forward to bad weather (hot or cold) so I can take full advantage of the remote start. strange, isn't it?

Moving along...

Hindsight is 20-20.
In my previous post I might have jumped the gun with declaring victory over the mice. I have found a couple dead mice throughout the house but only yesterday Shelley was greeted by a furry fiend while searching for something in the pantry. I think i have these little guys figured out now, though. At first i thought they were simply looking for food when they got into our poptarts and oatmeal. But now that they are hitting our canned goods, cereal, potatoes, and fruit snacks, I realize that these rodents are trying to starve us out! They must be hoarding this food somewhere-- they eat, by my estimates, 300lbs of food each day.

I hope the mice get a chance to see this because i want them to know this, and know it well: we won't give up the fight! Speedy Gonzales, Mighty Mouse, Fival, and Stuart cannot save you now.