Sunday, March 7, 2004

flash back

Oh man, I was spinning around the good ol looking for some information that was recently removed when I stumbled upon something I thought was long lost. Way back in highschool we had this awful principal, Brenda Harvey. Things got so bad that i made a movie about her. Wellll my friends, this is what I recovered, take a look. If memory serves me, Brent Raney did the actual filming and I chopped up his interview, taking things WAY out of context. Please keep in mind that I made this several years ago and as such it consists basically of mild toilet humor. I think i went over the line with the small fart scene. I apologize now. I generally hate that kind of stuff and can't believe I have some of it here.

Additionally, if you don't know any of the recent history of Newark City Schools, you likely won't appreciate the video anyhow. I'd also like to mention that more recently, Harvey has been replaced by a much better principal and Newark Schools are now MUCH improved.

Finals next week aieeeee.