Monday, April 12, 2004

Movie Madness

Boy oh boy it's been a while since the last update. I'll have NC vacation photos up soon but until then I have some great movie reviews. First: Hellboy. Wow this movie sucked. The CG and the action was cool. The premise was great - a demon child raised for good - but once the story hit the screen they let it all slide. THe plot was thin and spotty and the actors never seemed to get anything going. I will say that I liked the constant comedy. It reminds me of the old days with movies like Lethal Weapon or Die Hard - lots of stupid jokes. I like the stupid jokes but it's nice when they come during a good movie and by good movie I mean not hellboy.

When I left the theater the ticket guy was laughing at me...actually he was laughing as I bought the ticket, too but of course I didn't understand until it was too late. Dammit.

For my second review of the day: Lost in Translation. Wow, what a load of crap. Let me get my praises off first so I can really get down to it. If you're into artsy stuff with long scenes with little dialog and seeing old people pickup 20-somethings, this movie might be for you. What's that, you say? "He wasn't trying to pick her up!! That's the whole point, you missed the whole artsy part and the underlying meaning, Michael!!" Oh, my bad. In general the comedy was light and limited, the story boring and slow, and the entertainment nonexistent. I intend to beat my $2.50 out of my brothers who encouraged me to see this junk. Bill Murray, seriously man.