Monday, June 7, 2004

Busy times

Yeah yeah, i know - it's been a long time since the last update. I've been busy, ok?

Sarah and I got a hamster. He goes by Geronimo. He like to read scifi play poker. I'll get some pics of him sometime...since i don't have a camera it might be a while :). This little guy is spoiled. We don't have any kids and fish are dumb so now that we have something to take care of, we go a little overboard. For example, after the first week we took Geronimo back to the pet store because he was scratching constantly. They said we could exchange which we responed with horrified expressions, "WHAT!?!?". You can't just trade out a family member. Sheesh. I know...this is dumb and we're pathetic. Oh well.

I got an email from John Lannan yesterday. He's doing great. He had to postpone his wedding though as he's heading back to Ira--err, he's heading to some unnamed country in the middle east to fight for Operation Iraqi Freedom. Feel free to drop him a line-- he'd love to hear from you:
[email protected]
SrA Lannan Johnathon T.
APO AE 09853-5000

In other news, Chris graduated from HS on Sunday. Congrats! He had a poker tourney on Saturday which was cool. He did pretty well, placing 8(?) out of about 22. I managed to make it to the final table, too. It was a great night. I'm hoping to get a game together soon, before I move up to Aurora.

Speaking of which...I move to Aurora for the summer next week. I've got a job wth Rovisys which sounds exciting. Sarah and I will be staying in the cheapest (read smallest) apartment we could find.

I had a final on Friday. I aced it. Unfortunately, the entire class Aced it because it was a joke final. No seriously- the professor isn't returning to OSU next quarter and he didn't want to grade a final so he gave us an easy test. Actually, that doesn't quite cover it. The question was related to the course but its difficulty was similar to a spanish test asking, "What foreign language have we been studying all quarter?" (multiple choice!). In reflection, I think this is the kind of test that graduating seniors used to receive when they had to take finals early. I bet it was like an understood agreement that people never speak of.

I've got three finals tomorrow, after which point I will extremely happy. But until study study!