Friday, September 10, 2004

movies and the moviewatchers who watch them

Not much time for a complete review here but we can do some basics:

25th Hour - I though this was a pretty good flick. It's a little slow and not for the ladies but it's definately worth it.

Anchor Man - Holy crap did this movie suck. I was so completely disappointed by this film. Wow. Awful! I love comedy, really, but this was just stupid.

Spider Man 2 - Good. Fortunately, I'm not a diehard comic book fan. Actually I never read any comic books so I'm not really any kind of fan. As a result, the enourmous deviations from the comics (i'm told) don't much bother me--especially since it takes someone else's yacking for me to even know about them. Here's a random thought-- maybe the spiderman movies will end up like the star trek movies. Now to be fair, I never watched the star trek movies, but I can't remember a time without them and they keep coming out. This summer, "Star Trek CXXVII: Extrasolar-Apocolypse-Voyager-ship-stopper-thingy-tragedy-again-averted-by-a-weird-ship." I hope not. So far, so good.

Ella Enchanted - Yeah I admit it, i saw this disney flick. Keep in mind though that i'm married and sometimes, just sometimes (read: a-lot-of-the-time :)), you see movies that make you cry. Not because the movie hits an emotional chord, just because it is so painfully foreign to what you'd normally consider entertainment that physical pain actually overwhelms you. Ok, ok maybe I'm being a little too dramatic. The movie was cool for kids < 5. Since I'm not < 5, I didn't like it. I can't believe I saw it. I can't believe I just wrote all this crap about it and admit to seeing it. oh well.

Shattered Glass - I liked this. It was a neat story and really very ridiculous. Oh, except for the thing about it actually being a true story. That always gets you- how does it go...Non-fiction is scarier than fiction because it's real...something like that. Not a bad film. Whoever played the lead did pretty good, too. I figure since I'm an expert on such things, I would know.

I don't really remember seeing any other movies lately. Take care and feel free to send me your reviews. Maybe I'll add comment-abilites to this thing. That'd be a fair amount of code though so it's unlikely to happen ;)...