Friday, September 10, 2004

yeah, yeah

I know, i know, been a while. I've been busy. I've been working at RoviSys for the summer. They do control systems and software. Particularly, I've been working in their software division on 'GrandView'. It's a pretty cool project management app.

I learned dotnet (microsoft) this summer, too. I hate to admit it but I'm pretty impressed. I had primarily developed web apps in php in the past but as it turns out using asp/.net is pretty neat. I know that php and asp/.net aren't totally intended to compete but nonetheless, asp/.net is cool and provideds for easy, rapid web app development. It's mostly object based, too. I'm not hyping oop but i'd say that asp/.net uses oop very effectively, without drowning you.

I'm headed back to OSU for my senior year in 2 wks. Sarah and I will be graduating in spring, it's all pretty exciting. Before then, however, we've got some good times to enjoy during the next three quarters, so stay tuned.