Wednesday, February 23, 2005

business quote

Ok, here's the story:

Since I'm addicted to poker, I've been looking for a custom-engraved card-guard. It's nerdy, I know....Anyway, I found a few places that do this sort of thing online and email all of the for quotes. One guy gets back to me right away with a good price ($35) so I go ahead and place an order. This was a week ago.

Last night I get an email from another business:
Hello, Michael. Thank you for your interest in our custom card protectors.

I apologize for the late response.� We celebrated our daughters 1 year birthday on Saturday.� That afternoon, I found out a friend of mine who was 7 months pregnant (Lisa) and her 7 year old son (Jayden) were missing.� On Monday my sister had a new baby boy.� Then on Tuesday the bodies of Lisa, her unborn little girl, and Jayden were found.� It�s been an emotional roller coaster of a week.

Don�t mean to be a downer.

The pricing for the 1.5� SS card protector with the spider engraved in the center would be $65 plus $5 shipping* ($70 total*).

*If you are a resident of the state of Texas, we must add 8.25% sales tax to your order.� Shipping charge applies to continental US only.�

The easiest and quickest way to pay us is via PayPal at [email protected]� If you don�t have a PayPal account, it�s fast, easy and free.� Just go to and click on �Sign up for your FREE PayPal account�.

If you�d like to see a preview of your button/protector prior to ordering, we charge a nonrefundable $10 fee for all design work per custom button.� This fee will be taken out of the total price if you choose to purchase the button/protector.

We will get started upon receipt of payment!

Jacque Oley
[email protected]
I am not joking. I checked out the story and, according to google:news, it's legit. He might not know any of the people involved but the story is true. What do I say to that!? I'm speachless.