Sunday, March 6, 2005

Tourney Recap!

My first multi-table tournament went pretty well. We had 22 people show up, demanding three tables of good poker action. Since I don't know the official results (we didn't record anything!), I'll just have to guess at some things. I believe that I busted out in 7th or 8th place. I'm not sure of the place but I do remember the final hand:

I had K10 and moved all in (blinds were getting high and I needed to make a move). My only caller held a pair of sixes. I didn't improve, leaving him with all my chips ;).

The night ended with a heads up match between Tom and Greg. Tom had Greg outchipped almost two-fold. Three hands into it, Greg senses weekness after the flop and moves all in. Tom has nothing but calls anyway. Tom catches runner-runner to win the tournament! That's poker! It's probably also worth mentioning here that the blinds became ridiculous. A starting stack contains 200 in chips. The blinds started at 1/2. By 2 am, when the match went heads up, the blinds had reached 100/200!

I wish I'd taken pictures--it was pretty funny seeing 22 peope crammed into my basement.

I hope everyone had a good time. I'll probably have at least one more big tournament before graduation. Until then, feel free to join us for our weekly game Thursday nights.