Thursday, July 28, 2005


I love comedy, who doesn’t? I’ve been listening to a lot of comedy on CD lately and it makes for a great travel soundtrack. My two favorite comics are Dane Cook and the late Mitch Hedberg. I've also recently picked up a new CD by Alonzo Bodden.

Mitch Hedberg

Mitch is definitely my favorite comedian. He’s been on Letterman several times and has two CD’s. His first CD is now available in stores as is his second CD, produced by Comedy Central. I highly recommend both discs. If you are new to Hedberg, though, go with the second disc.

I saw Mitch live last year and he was great. He had a lot of excellent new material and put on a great show. Unfortunately, he passed away last year. He will be missed. If you ever watch Comedy Central’s Comic Remix or Shorties Watching Shorties, you’ve probably heard some of his jokes.

Dane Cook

Dane cook is another of my favorite comedians. Unlike Mitch’s one-liner style, Dane is more of a story teller. His first CD, Harmful is Swallowed, is excellent and highly recommended. It also seems that he has JUST released a double-disc album full of new material. I can't wait to pick it up!

Alonzo Bodden

I just picked up a 40 minute audio of this comic through Audible. He’s a bit more like Dane Cook and definitely keeps you laughing. The general consensus seems to be that he pales when compared to Mitch, but he’s definitely a good listen. Apparantly he was on last comic standing, a fact I didn't know until I started researching this post.