Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Introducing: Debt Manager

I’ve been working on a small web application for a little while now. I think it is ready for some public scrutiny so here you go, Debt Manager:


Jiggawha? At the most basic level, you just enter in all your loans and this puppy will give you a payoff schedule.

Yeah, yeah, I can do that in Excel

True, but I’ll take it one further. This app will do something that is a real pain to do in Excel: rapid payoff. After you pay off one loan, the Debt Manager will apply the extra money to the next loan, then the next, and so on until everything is paid off. This accelerates things like you might not believe.

You’ll see a list of debts when you first start—they are just examples to help you get going more quickly. Feel free to poke around, add, change, delete, etc. The changes last only for your session and are saved in the URL so don’t worry about messing up anyone.

Since this has just been released, I don’t have much in the way of documentation. I plan to post quite a bit about this and other money-related things periodically. To see all related posts, search by topic.