Sunday, January 16, 2011

Dear Once Upon A Child

Once Upon A Child
4272 Kent Road Suite 10
Stow, OH 44224
[email protected]

Dear Once Upon A Child,

I’d like to share a little feedback with you that’s been acquired over several visits to your Stow location.

What happened to your bathroom? Where’d it go!? I appreciate that running a business must be difficult and expensive. I also realize upon consideration of other public bathrooms I’ve visited that people are disgusting. The problem is, however, that when my three year-old needs to go, she needs to go.

I know what you’re thinking: we should just ask if she needs to go before we leave home. If only we were so foolish! Unfortch, we do encourage her to go but she says that she doesn’t need to. For our part, I admit that she’s a liar…well, actually, she’s just a child, and sometimes children don’t understand things like the future and planning for it. If they did, my bribes of cookies and milk for things like using the bathroom, avoiding sibling squabbles, or eating vegetables would work so much better! (Now that I think about it, adults aren’t very good at planning for the future either, but that’s another story.)

I request that you reconsider your public bathroom policy. Even if it was open only to children, our last visit would have ended much better. And by “much better”, I mean that we wouldn’t have had to run like maniacs through the arctic (i.e. Northeast Ohio) to Bed Bath and Beyond across the way. The only saving grace of the day was that their bathroom was in the front of the store—not two miles away, hidden among 85 million future wedding presents, shake weights, Snuggies, and that cooler you can float in your pool that looks like fishing tackle.

Of course if you actually don’t have a bathroom at all anymore, then I guess you’ve got bigger problems than me! What is your poor staff to do? Speaking of the staff…

Everyone I’ve ever talked to at your business hasn’t been overly rude or anything, but they certainly could be more helpful. It’s possible that I always come at “break”, too, but if not, why are they always chatting about the latest in Facebook drama and ordering food, eating food, or talking about food. Now I’m hungry (dammit!). I’m also not one to encourage unnecessary, silly policies like dress codes (after all, I sometimes wear a brown belt with black shoes and white socks. For shame!), but a little guidance might be in order…particularly in the…uh…boobage department. This comment is made only more appropriate by the fact that you’ll know what I mean. If not immediately, then the next time you stop into work, you’ll smack yourself on the forehead with recognition of this problem and you’ll never be able to not see it.

If I’ve still got your attention, I’d like to also mention that I’ve enjoyed finding great deals and occasionally selling back items these past few years. Without consignment stores like Once Upon A Child, my kids would probably be playing with paint buckets and sticks in a barren front yard wearing nothing but plastic grocery bags.

Please do let me know if these problems are addressed so I can resume patronizing your business.

Michael Haren