Thursday, April 14, 2011

Weather in the Midwest vs. A Typical Shower Faucet

It’s been said that if it weren’t for the weather, we’d never have anything to talk about.

This winter was the longest in recorded history (by my account). But suddenly last week it warmed up, which was great. Except, like fools, we opened up all out windows and thereby turned our house into a humid rain forest. Before long it’ll be too hot and clammy to do much outdoors during the day.

I know it’s heresy to complain about nice weather so close to winter, sorry. We have this awful thing called humidity which makes our weather a lot like this:


The winters are long and cold as a bunch of four letter words chained together, the summers are short and blistering, and spring and fall are absolutely wonderful, but terribly short.

Actually, it rains pretty much all of spring. Damn.