Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Installing/Upgrading Memory in a Dell Latitude 6520 (aka MOAR GBs!)

I just got a new machine! It's amazing. Our awesome IT guy got an 8gb memory upgrade, too. It came in while he was on vacation so what was I supposed to do? Let it taunt me like a fool? No, I can do this.

Upgrading the memory in my sweet new laptop turned out to be easy, but I had to just guess how to do it because I couldn't find any documentation on how exactly I was supposed to do it. Fortunately, it was very easy. Not MacBook easy, but easy enough.

Short and sweet:
  1. Disconnect power, remove battery
  2. Remove all the "D"-labeled Phillips-head screws from the bottom
  3. Pop off the bottom plastic
  4. Install the memory
  5. Put it all back together
In pictures:

Take out the screws (be mindful of the HD screws because they're different than the others)

There's the tiny chip we're replacing

Just a gentle push on the silver clips and the stick will pop up.

The instructions are brief, and *behind* the chips. Nice.

One in, one to go

The stick should slide in easily at the right angle (it's higher than you think it should be). When it feels right, give it a firm push into the socket, then gently swing it into place.

All set. Now put it all back together!
Boot...and it works!

For $60, 8gb seems like a no-brainer upgrade if your laptop supports it. And now, I can finally reap the rewards of choosing to go with Windows 7 x64 two years ago. Yay!