Thursday, February 21, 2013

How do I add a MongoDB replicaset/node with auth/credentials to MMS monitor on 10gen?

Want to get in on that sweet, sweet MMS MongoDB monitoring action?


Of course you do! But are your mongo instances setup to require authentication? Bummer—the instructions won’t work for you out of the box. Here’s what you’re missing.

  1. Go ahead and setup the agent as instructed
  2. Go into the MMS management site
  3. Add your host manually

  4. Enter the hostname, db username, and db password. I suggest creating a new user for this (it must be a user on the admin database!)


Now frantically check the hosts, agents, and pings tabs for updates. It might take a few minutes. Check the Agent Log tab for errors :).

Once you get the one host working, it will add the other hosts in the replicaset, too. You can then install the agent on those machines and add a password with the pencil icon to each new row directly.