Friday, October 8, 2010

My New Project Update: Name and Sitemap

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Choosing a Name

After about 12 seconds of deliberation, I’ve decided to call my interview tracking application “Noodle”. This was Sarah’s suggestion. To parry any accusations of bias, I have chosen to award a prize to the runner-up, too. Thank you, Math Zombie, for suggesting I use a MacGyver themed names. I will bank that idea for a future project.

Recent Progress

I’ve refined the sitemap a bit:

I have decided to employ a little discipline by working out the models, views, and controllers—the essential elements to an ASP.NET MVC application—before I begin coding. Here’s what I have so far:

That’s a little messy; let me explain. The URL that would be in your browser is the label on the arrows in the first column, e.g. “/candidate-123-john-doe”. When you go to that URL, my application will route it through the Candidate controller, build a CandidateDetailsModel, and present it to you with the CandidateDetails view. This detail-heavy image simply attempts to enumerate all the pages—user interfaces—in the application.

Of course I haven’t captured quite everything. This thing will eventually support feeds (RSS, Atom, and JSON) and all kinds of help content scattered throughout. Those are version 0.2 features so I’m not going to work through them just yet.

I’ll knock out some preliminary database design next, and then I’ll be ready to create some actual screens.