Monday, February 7, 2011

The End Of Super Bowl-Style Advertising

I’m sure I’m late to this party but here it goes for those just arriving with me: the era of the big Super Bowl commercial is over. I’d like to enter into evidence exhibit A, a tweet from my coworker:

In the age of youtube and everyone-is-the-creator-ism, "funny commercials" just aren't compelling to me.

He nailed it. When I have access to unlimited amusing clips (usually with no ulterior motive), watching a three hour football game is hardly an efficient delivery mechanism for untested, untargeted clips designed to manipulate me.

Sure I chuckled at several of them, including this favorite that I’m sure you’ve seen 800 times already:

And this close runner-up:

But those professionally produced, multi-million-dollar barely match up to what Youtubers put together. Need I remind you?

But what about actual advertising? I for one welcome our ad-targeting, crowd-sourced robot overlords and judging from yesterday’s performance, the sooner they arrive the better.