Monday, November 19, 2012

Fun Times at Niagara Falls With the Kiddos

Wife and I first visited Niagara falls as something of a last little vacation before Thing1 was born. We’d never been and were curious what all the fuss was about. It gave us a fun story actually…

The car broke down on the way out. We were determined, though. We were towed to a shop where we left it to be fixed and took a rental to the rest of the way. We had a great overnight trip, saw the falls, laughed, etc., and then returned to God-forsaken Youngstown to pick up the car.

Good times. Anyway, we happened to find ourselves in Canada again last month. I had an appointment at the border crossing at Niagara Falls to interview for my Nexus trusted traveler card so we had a perfect opportunity to visit again.

But now we have a gaggle of children…so it’s even better :)

05-2012-10-26 15.37.28

06-2012-10-26 15.37.43

They loved it!

07-2012-10-26 15.55.37

That’s the iPhone’s native panorama. Here’s the same shot with the 360 app:

08-2012-10-26 15.57.16

It’s fun reliving these experiences with them.

Except for the driving, they’re fun travel companions, too.

03-2012-10-24 19.18.1601-2012-10-24 19.17.5902-2012-10-24 19.18.09

Thank God for this woman. Whenever you see my kids behaving or being cute, it’s because of her.

14-2012-10-27 08.27.27

I don’t remember what exactly was going on here…but they’re all in one place so I probably thought that was significant enough to document it with a photo.

09-2012-10-26 16.16.11

“Princess Water”: take 1 cup water. Add a dash of cranberry juice. I hope this trick works for a while longer.

10-2012-10-27 08.07.1312-2012-10-27 08.26.21

We do more than eat, honest! It’s just that they’re not usually in range of the camera unless I distract them with food.

11-2012-10-27 08.26.1513-2012-10-27 08.26.26

Happy Thanksgiving!